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The Mixx Experience!

Every term we launch new Mixx Recruits into the Mixx Districts via the "The Mixx Experience".

During your Mixx Experience you will be part of the Mixx Community, in weekly trainings & in Sunday competitions. 

And all that will be on our cost! Seriously, your first entire term will be free.

All you must do is:

#1. Go through the slideshow & check which Mixx District you'd like to join.

#2. Fill out & submit the Launch form.

#3. You've now joined the Launchlist, please check your email because we will be touch with you ASAP. 

Full is full.

Every district has only one team per age group, consisting of 7 boys & 7 girls.

Choose your District.

There are 8 Mixx Districts, all located in Canterbury

(based on school year groups) 

Website - Christchurch North (1).png

Register 👇 - Register 👇

The Launch Form!

You've come this far now.

There's only one small step left to do.

Get your Mixx Experience.

You've made it on to the Launchlist!

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