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Welcome to Korfball
The Good Vibe Game


Jarad Pateman - Mixx.png

Jarad Pateman,
Sport Coordinator @St Martins School

Korfball is a popular sport at St Martins School. The students really enjoy being able to play a mixed gender sport.

Mixx - Jenni Loffhagen [Photo].jpg

Jen Loffhagen,
Parent & Teacher @Pegasus Bay School

Our school has really benefited from Mixx, playing sport in a mixed gender environment.

Also involved as a parent I have loved seeing my children have fun & grow on and off court through Mixx.

Mixx - Liam Day [Photo]

Liam Day,
Academy Graduate & NZ Representative

Becoming a Korfball Player has been pivotal in building my confidence, learning that everyone has their own approach & style has helped me develop my own.

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