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We are the Good Vibe Community!

Mixx is proud to give New Zealand something new & exciting.

We are the Mixxed gender community New Zealand needs, built around a sport called Korfball.

​Korfball, a true whānau, sport is going from strength to strength. More than 120 New Zealand schools are already on board, rapidly growing the Mixx community. 

​In the Mixx community we love to compete with & against eachother, ultimately though we are all part of the same thing: the Good Vibe Community! 

Hear from our Mixx Whānau.

Our mission is to create a true whānau-based sporting culture around Korfball. We provide New Zealand with the most fun & the best coaching. But don't believe us, believe them...

Korfball family in New Zealand

Matheson Family

Our family loves being part of Mixx.

Both sons enjoy the training sessions and competitions/tournaments, which always have a strong vibe of fun, energy, friendship and supportive team play.


Mixx does a fantastic job, not only teaching korfball, but also guiding the older kids into reffing, coaching and mentoring the younger players. Great work Mixx! 

Mixx players:

. Alfie Matheson [YR 7/8]

. Fin Matheson [U21]


Bennett Family

All three of my children are involved in Mixx. They love the fun, inclusive, structured environment that trainings provide while improving their skills.

Games and tournaments are great, and the atmosphere is like nothing I have ever experienced: bright uniforms, music in the background and smiles everywhere.


All the kids and coaches support each other, and they just have fun. We love it. Thank you Mixx.

Mixx Players:

- Harry Bennett [YR 5/6]

Asha Bennett [YR 9/10]

- Genesis Bennett [U21]

Charlie Mooar.jpg

Mooar Family

We love that korfball is a co-ed, social sport that has interaction of all ages across different schools. Mixx has created a fun, organised and inclusive vibe.


We like the different options and levels of commitment offered throughout the year.


For us it has been great value for money, awesome people and our kids love going to trainings and tournaments alike.


Mixx Players:

- Sam Mooar [YR 9/10]

- Laura Mooar [U21]

- Charlie Mooar [U21]

How does Korfball work?

Your tamariki wants to join the Mixx Community, which is built around Korfball: the sport internationally known for its Mixxed-gender game play.

New Zealanders identify Korfball as a fast paced, total teamwork game like Basketball & Netball, recognising that you can play Korfball with a wide variety of skills.

Sound complicated? Don't worry, we've simplified the rules in this video.

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