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Primary Schools.

Mixx is known to ignite an absolute buzz at Primary Schools.

The way Korfball gets everyone moving is unique. It's a balanced Mixxed gender sport designed by a PE teacher to get everyone in the class enjoying physical exercise. Mixx exists to share that with primary schools and show why Korfball is a perfect path towards inclusion and equality!

​Our activators go into your school and organise tournaments, reaching more than 120 schools involved in 2023. 

​Are you the next to fall in love with this great school game?

See what we do & how below & get us to contact you ASAP!

Mixx will bring the good vibe to your school too.

How it works:

#1. Mixx School Programme

#2A. Mixx

School Cup

#2B. Mixx

@School Cup

The Mixx School Programme is designed for year 3 - 8.

A Mixx Activator will visit your school, with all required equipment, leading 45 minute Mixx sessions on your indoor or outdoor court.

Teachers rave about these sessions: often the first time they see a whole class truly immersed in an activity. 

We guarantee the wow effect!

If your school can't make it to a Mixx School Cup, we are happy to come to you.

Our Mixx activators will set up multiple courts to give your students an unforgettable day playing with and against their school mates!

Our Events & Competitions director will be in touch to organise this.

After the introduction, your school is welcome to send teams to compete in Mixx School Cups, when the Mixx School Whānau comes together.

These giant one-day cups happen at the end of term, at a location near you, during one school day (9.30am to 2.30pm).

If you have been part of the Mixx programme your school will receive an automatic invitation. 

Get our

Mixx Team

To Contact You!

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Mixx School Whanau!

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