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School Korfball.

Are you ready for the Mixx Effect?

Find out for yourself how our programmes improve cohesion & respect between the genders at the schools we work in.

It makes sense: Korfball was created by a PE teacher who wanted to "Create a sport where both genders play together, equally." 


Mixx is here to spread the word & show how school communities benefit from Korfball.

We've grown massively in both primary schools & high schools. We think there is a reason why...

Hear from our School Whānau.

South Island schools find Korfball suits them perfectly,


Hillmorton High School

Mixx korfball events are growing in popularity with Hillmorton students.


It’s a safe place for them where they feel comfortable, and a fun sport to play with their mates. Mixxing the genders brings out a lot of character and promotes good vibes.


Cost wise, compared to other sports it’s not expensive. As a school it has been cost effective, and easy for us to manage. 

Sport Co-ordinator

Dilshan Muthunaidelage

Teacher who loves Mixx School Korfball

Halswell School

"I think it would be safe to say that Korfball has been one of the most popular sports we have ever played at Te Kura O Te Tauawa Halswell School.

Whenever the coaches come in, or a tournament is coming up, there is always a very high level of interest and excitement. 

It’s a sport that every child is able to play, and get a great deal of enjoyment from."

Team Leader

Lisa Dovey

Teacher who loves Mixx School Korfball

Lincoln Primary School

“Everyone who sees and plays Korfball comments that it is fun!

That includes students who perhaps aren’t all that sporty, they enjoy the Mixx korfball programme as well.


It’s so good having mixed gender teams, the coaches who come to school are brilliant, and the children have so much fun.”

Sports Coordinator

Anna Granger

Primary Schools.

For primary schools ready for the Mixx Effect,

Mixx organises:

Mixx organises:

. Mixx School Programme

. Mixx School Cups

. Mixx @School Cups 

Secondary Schools.

For secondary schools joining Korfball's recent growth (up 72% over the last four years: NZSSSC 2023 Census)

Mixx organises:

Mixx Organises:

. Secondary School Education Programme

. Mixx Secondary School League

. Mixx Junior / Senior SISS

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