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Your Mixx Adventure!

The ultimate Korfball adventure: an overseas experience that you will absolutely never forget.

How to apply for Your Mixx Adventure?

We at Mixx, we are always looking for adventure seekers. The next good vibe, active and amazing Korfball enthusiast that wants to develop the game might just be you.

When you start your adventure you will be welcomed by a vibrant & bright Korfball community eager to learn from the knowledge you have to offer. We will help you with visa requirements, travel options, accommodation & much more.


Are you over 18 and ready to create an adventure around the game you love? 

Well... what are you waiting for?

Watch the video below Apply now!

Your Mixx Introduction Video

Your Mixx Introduction Video can be as easy or creative as you want. The only 3 requirements are the following:

1. The video is in English

2. Please tell us why you'd like to go on your Mixx Adventure.

3. Please tell when you'd like to go on your Mixx Adventure.

When you have made the video, upload this to Youtube as private video and link it in your Mixx Account.

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