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The Mixx Whānau

Mixx sees and believes in the unique opportunity that we have to pioneer Korfball into the community. We know that creating a Fun & Vibrant community around this unique game answers society's need for a good time through sport.


Mixx is carrying out a one-of-a-kind project that creates an amazingly positive impact. What we are doing also opens up opportunities for sponsors and others who recognise the Great Value to be gained by becoming part of the Good Vibe Mixx offers. 

Do you want to become part of the Mixx Story?

Please contact:

The Mixx Whānau


XIT Expert I.T. Solutions

We at XIT think Korfball is an amazing opportunity for boys and girls to learn to work together through sport. We see the potential that this sport has in New Zealand and are very happy to support the project.

Involvement: Sponsorship

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