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More Mixx Whānau.

Your community is growing, here's a couple more families having their say about Mixx.

Ta Family.

Haig Family.


We love Mixx because of the welcoming community it has created.

Mixx is an awesome programme where you can meet heaps of new people from different schools. 

Mixx creates a safe environment where kids are able to grow their Korfball skills and as a player... themselves!

New Zealand Korfball

Korfball is hands down Chloe’s favourite sport.


She loves that it’s co-ed, that there’s a mix of offence and defence, that anyone can shoot, and that it has 20 minute halves so it’s a seriously great workout.


I can see why it’s such a growing sport, with the best aspects of more traditional court sports all in one game!


Fantastic atmosphere, great communication and excellent coaching... I can’t recommend Mixx highly enough.

Henwood Family.

Lloyd - Mann Family.

I have played korfball at Mixx for just over a year now and I can say with absolute confidence that is it the best thing I have ever done.


Mixx has helped me with my korfball skills, which also has translated to all the other sports I play and set me on a great path to hopefully make a national team.


Mixx has also massively boosted my confidence as the opportunities and experiences I have been given while at Mixx have been the best of my life.

8. speed.jpg

What we enjoy most about Mixx is the fun environment where you can play and be surrounded by people who give the game great energy!

Everyone's super nice at games and trainings, we're getting better and learn whilst having fun, being supported, encouraged, and making new friends!

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