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Mixx School Cups

These giant one-day Korfball events happen once every term, the entire Mixx Whanāu comes together to enjoy Korfball, have a great time and find out which school is best at Korfball.

What your school needs to know:

  • The Mixx Development Manager will send Cup invitations to all schools.

  • The School will sign up their teams via a Google Form presented in the email (unlimited number of teams allowed).

  • The Mixx Korfball Cups will be organised @ a central location.

  • The Mixx Korfball Cup will start at 9.30 and finish at 2.30.

  • The winner team takes the Trophy home for the Term.

2023 Mixx School Cups


Term 1 - April 3rd

Term 2 - June 26th

Term 3 - Sept 18th

Term 4 - Dec 11th


Term 1 - April 4th

Term 2 - June 27th

Term 3 - Sept 19th

Term 4 - Dec 12th


Term 1 - April 5th

Term 2 - June 28th

Term 3 - Sept 20th

Term 4 - Dec 13th


Term 2 - Buller

            May 5th or 12th

Term 4 - Westland

              Nov 2nd


Term 4 - Nov 13th


Term 4 - T.B.C.

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