About The Game

In Korfball guys and girls work together to succeed & win.


The sport has similarities to Netball and Basketball and is described by many as a Mixx because it: “Has the teamwork of Netball & the explosiveness of Basketball”.


You’ll only need these 5 rules to start:

​1. The ball is played with the hands.

2. Controlled physical contact is allowed.

3. A player who holds the ball can pivot, but can’t run or dribble.

4. A player needs to be open to shoot, if “defended” they have to pass.

5. A team has 8 players, 4 males and 4 females with 2 of each on each half the court. The players stay on their designated halves playing in attack or defense but switching over after 2 goals have been scored.

        (Netball or Basketball courts are used in NZ).

Check the video below for a bit more detail:

Designed by a PE Teacher with the mindset of “How can I get everyone in my class involved in sport” & Pioneered in New Zealand by Rob Smith who is seen by many as the founder of the current community.


Korfball is the world’s only true mixxed gender team sport & growing fast in New Zealand.