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About The Game

In Korfball guys and girls work together to succeed & win.


The sport has similarities to Netball and Basketball. It is described by many as a Mixx because it: “Has the teamwork of Netball & the explosiveness of Basketball.”


You’ll only need these 5 rules to start:

​1. The ball is played with the hands.

2. Controlled physical contact is permitted.

3. A player who holds the ball can pivot, but can’t run or dribble.

4. A player needs to be open to shoot, if “defended” by an opponent of their own gender they have to pass.

5. A team has 8 players, 4 males and 4 females with 2 of each on each half the court. The players stay on their designated halves playing in attack or defence but switching over after 2 goals have been scored.

Designed by a PE Teacher with the mindset of “How can I get everyone in my class involved in sport” & Pioneered in New Zealand by Rob Smith who is seen by many as the founder of the current community.


Korfball is growing fast in New Zealand, and at Mixx we are not planning to stop.

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