About Mixx

Mixx was established after years of experience developing the game into Canterbury, getting +100 schools involved whilst doing so.


With Mixx, we’re building a fun & vibrant Mixxed gender community where every kid gets a chance to develop their confidence and own identity through sport.

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Our community is unique in the way our sport teaches girls & boys how to interact with one another through Korfball. Friend groups established through Mixx are more often than not Mixxed.


Korfball is known for its:

  • Total Teamwork

  • Mixxed Gender Cooperation

  • Involvement & Inclusiveness for all


This sport has found its place within Canterbury school values, curriculums & hearts.

Our programmes are delivered before school, during school & after school: designed in a way where everyone has a good time!


Mission: “To freshen up the New Zealand sporting landscape, becoming a household name whilst creating unique relationships and opportunities for our players along the way”


Vision: “To create a fun & vibrant mixxed gender community in New Zealand”


Youri Borrink & Torsten Ball

Founders, Mixx Ltd

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